About Us

We are a copper artwork company based in Perak, Malaysia

More About Us

This journey began over 20 years ago. We supply our products to all over Malaysia, but the border is not our limit. Our products also adorn the homes of our loyal customers in The United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, India and more.

Our founder, Mr. Nagaraja is a self-taught artist, having learned  copper-tooling and painting on his own with the blessing of The Almighty. After initial years of  trial and errors, he has brought to you good products, with assured quality.

This is not the end. We aspire to keep improving and bettering our products to meet your satisfaction. We feel the utmost gratitude for your continued love and support.

Premium Copper

We only use 99% pure copper for all our artworks.

Hand Crafted

Each product is intricately hand-made to be detail-oriented.

Trusted Quality

Rest assured, good quality is our aim.

Divine Artistry

Meticulously done with The Almighty in mind, to meet your divine goals.

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